Meet the Expert

Commitment to craftsmanship and artistic vision are essential elements of Le Tandy wrist watches.

To give an impressive and fascinating feeling; joy, love and care are meticulously put into each fiber of the design.

Finest ensemble of brilliant natural gemstones is to carry out through the playfulness and beauty of case shape.

The harmonious integration between ergonomic cases and gems dials is the balance of contemporary lifestyle and luxury.

It is then aesthetics are transformed into art.

Le Tandy is very proud to introduce to you our new exquisite collection of precision timepieces. You will be able to be part of a unique and beautiful experience that only given by Le Tandy.

Each Le Tandy timepiece is a shining example of our commitment to craftsmanship and artistic vision. We travel the globe to carefully select fine gemstones to place in the faces of our watches. These rare stones enhance the beauty of each unique piece and add a splash of playfulness. We take extra care in each step of the process to ensure that our gems are perfectly cut and precisely set to retain their gleaming elegance.

Le Tandy is passionate about producing a piece that is distinct and of the highest standards. The added time and effort our artisan craftsmen take to produce each individual piece shows in the excellence of the final product. Each watch is created as a piece of art that is a testament to what we believe in and what you aspire to as an individual.

Ergonomically designed, our watches are crafted to place less pressure on your wrist and allow for a comfortable fit. Light weight, smooth and soft on your skin. You will not even notice you are wearing a Le Tandy timepiece until you glance down, check the time, and eye an exquisite work of art.


The values that we believe in are the values that we share. They are the essence of Le Tandy and the essence of you. Time, in an art form is what we present to you. A Le Tandy timepiece is the perfect complement to you.